Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) are critical to the mining and exploration industry’s performance, as even a <1% difference in product quality can significantly impact a company‚Äôs profit margin. Victus Solutions Group is your partner for quality control, quality assurance and compliance. Our solutions for the mining, construction, and other industries are structured to meet stringent quality requirements through exceptional engineering, inspection, and testing.

When shipping and receiving freight internationally, your shipped/received equipment, machinery and other freight are all subject to strict regulations and quality standards. Quality assurance and quality control services from VSG can help to ensure full compliance with all mandatory regulations and quality standards as well as contractual specifications.

QA/QC services from VSG can help you:

  • Verify and assure the expected quality of all freight destined to be utilized in the construction, mining and other industries
  • Benefit from end-to-end quality assurance and quality control
  • Achieve and remain in compliance with all relevant regulations and quality standards